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Comfy + Cozy Chihuahua Hoodies

Comfy + Cozy Chihuahua Hoodies

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All Dogs Need a Hoodie ... Winter is HERE - Keep your fur-baby warm! 

Your fur-baby will love this comfy and cozy hoodie. It comes with a tapered fit to prevent accidents and the fleece is a high quality fleece that your fur-baby will love.

50% Off Sale Ends Today - Was $40, now $19.95
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For Chihuahuas, start at size S for small sized Chi, Xs for toy chis. Medium for average sized chi 8-12 lb.

Yes, we ship to UK and Canada!

For other dog breeds, or if you're not sure, use the size chart below.

**Stock Is Low - LIMIT 5 PER ORDER**

-Tapered fit to prevent accidents
-High quality soft + warm fleece
-6 Different colors
-Fits well for dogs up to 45lb
- 50% off Promo ends today

Size         Back              Chest              Neck
XS         7-8 inches         11~12in      7~9in
S            9~10in         14~15in       9~10in
M           11~12in         17~18in       11~12in
L           13~14in          20~21in       12~13in
XL         15~16in         22~23in        14~15in
XXL      16-17in           25-26in         15-16in
XXXL    17-18in          27-28in          17-18in

*Due to high demand please allow 10-15 business days for delivery. We are diligently working to speed up delivery time. 

(Sale ends today)

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