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Camo Hoodie Sweater - NEW!

Camo Hoodie Sweater - NEW!

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Great lightweight sweater for small dogs, up to 25 lbs. Includes hole for leash / harness in the back. Perfect for Spring and milder weather or winter if you bundle it with a jacket and/or scarf set.

Comes in 7 different colors... for Chihuahuas, start at size S for regular sized Chi and XS for toy / teacup breeds.

For other breeds or if you're not sure, check the size chart below.

If you have sizing questions contact us anytime!

Size          Back Length            Chest                  Neck

XS             20cm/7.87"         26cm/10.2"          18cm/7.08"
S               24cm/9.45"         35cm/13.8"           24cm/9.45"
M              30cm/11.8"         40cm/15.7"           28cm/11.0"
L               34cm/13.4"         49cm/19.3"           30cm/11.8"

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